Unified Non-profit Identification and Organization Network of the Supernormal (UNIONS) is more than just a handful of mutants, sorcerers, aliens, and mechanical men. We have multiple locations throughout the world and are still expanding to new environments. Each local chapter has its own UNIONS Hall, a state-of-the-art research and training facility designed specifically with its surrounding neighborhood in mind.

Learn About Us

UNIONS has been protecting the multiverse since October 1992, starting with Local Chapter 1. This founding team included a super-powered adventurer from Scotland named Legion and a small handful of his courageous American peers.

Organized along the lines of a business franchise, this not-for-profit group now includes hundreds of members, organized into dozens of chapters, in dozens of locations across the world and beyond

In fact, UNIONS is so large that several notable meta-sociologists suggest that UNIONS may have grown into the largest super-organization in all known existences!

Each chapter headquarters is known as a “UNIONS Hall.” These high-tech halls include such necessities and 24-hour monitoring stations, research labs, holographic training rooms, and a connection to the UNIONS super-AI powered intranet known as Hoffa.

Join Your Local UNIONS Chapter

UNIONS includes hundreds of local chapters and continues to add more each year. Below is an abbreviated listing of some of our more notable local chapters and their specialities. Click here to find out how you can join our still-growing super-network.