Maintaining strong bonds with our communities is important to us. We owe our existence to the good graces of our friends and neighbors. From community car washes and neighborhood fairs to helping rival gangs find common ground and building entire hospital wings within a single day, we strive give back to the people that have supported us.

Service, Training, and Community

UNIONS is made up of more than it's super-powered members. We employ a wide variety of support staff. While they may not shoot flames from their eyes or wield alien technology, our support staff is critical to our day-to-day operations—and the majority of them come from the neighborhoods surrounding our UNIONS Halls.

Many of our local chapters provide free self-defense training several times a month. They may also conduct workshops on subjects as diverse as clubhouse construction, business accounting, and meta-molecular parabiology.

Training doesn't occur only within our Halls. Members share the fruits of their diverse backgrounds in seminars at local education centers—a few heroes even teach regular classes at some universities!

Praise from our neighbors

“When my Señior Snuggles was caught up in a tree—that got hit by lightning, and was burning down—UNIONS was there to save the day!”
—Mrs. Horace Rosenblatt
“It is an unfortunate fact that the bigger the city, the greater the amount of super-villains that infest it. Sometimes it feels like one of our neighborhoods is destroyed by a super-battle every other week. However, I can proudly say that no lives have ever been lost during or after any crazed rampage or meta-catastrophe that our city has suffered since our local UNIONS chapter officially joined our emergency services crew.”
—Deputy Mayor Socrates Smith
“I was angry at the world and lashed out at pretty much anything with fancy get-up and a super-power. That is, until a UNIONS member taught me to be comfortable with myself. I learned to read, got my GED, and now I make an honest living in bio-waste disposal.”
—Ex-super-villain Fire Monkey