Our members are more than mere super-powered adventurers. They are heroes, through and through.

Volunteers come to us from all walks of life, including cosmically-enhanced guardians of the spaceways, time-traveling mutant psychics, high-tech gadgeteers, and street vigilantes. Regardless of their origins, they all go through a period of intense psychological examination and observation in the field, followed by education in the latest villain-thwarting techniques.

Innate capability combines with superior training to give each member exceptional confidence in dealing with every concern, regardless if pitted against a local thug, foreign dictator with mystical powers, or omniversal entity intent on digesting the entire solar system—our heroes back down from no adversity.

Danger and super-villains lurk everywhere!

Our heroes come from a variety of origins, serving the public across the land, sea, sky, space, lava, and anywhere danger may appear. Our teams are capable of handling trouble wherever it may arise. We can help you…

No mission too threatening

Our primary goals are to keep you safe and maintain the common good, even if that means we have to put ourselves at risk—we could not consider ourself heroes otherwise. Here is a mere sampling of the sorts of operations we frequently tackle: